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What's New At Our Ministry ?

Karachi Conference of Revival & Evangelism

Glory to God..........

We, The Charismatic Crusades International - Pakistan,
have hosted and organized this Greatest
Christian Conference for Revival and spreading
the Word of God in Pakistan on
February 15, 16 & 17th, 2001 at Karachi - Pakistan.

My friend Sammy Tippit, the world-renowned Evangelist
from USA had been the main speaker
alongwith his team and Me (Rev. Salamat Khokhar).

It is the general testimony of the public
that no such event has been arranged in
Pakistan in the last 53 years.
We are so much grateful for your prayers.

We had received more than 4,000 applications
from the potential participants, while more than 3,000 people
came and heard the Gospel.

So, this has been the Biggest and Unique event in Pakistan's
Christian history, so far, where all the denominations participated.

My emphasis was on raising new labourers for the
Lord's Harvest and Praise God that more than 800
people consented to be a part of our Evangelistic Team.

God Bless you & Glory To God

What Else?
Rev. Salamat Khokhar, the Chairman is on an Evangelistic Tour of USA from May 28th till 11th July, 2001.

God is doing great things through the preaching and witnessing of His servant. Praise God.

He has been asked to be the National Director for Pakistan for Equipping The Saints - USA.

Praise Be To God Alone

God is opening new doors for us. We witness Signs & Wonders daily in our ministry.

We are translating and producing a book "True Happiness - Can be yours" in Urdu language for FREE distribution in Pakistan. It is near completion and it shall start its distribution in the last week of March, 2001

It was originally printed in English by Densu Ministry of USA. They provided us the necessary funding for the project.. God bless them.

God is so merciful!